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    Integrated LED Light Fixture Issues


    TIP: When buying a integrated LED light fixture make sure you read the fine print on the carton.

    A customer was finishing up a lighting upgrade and wiring project with TouchPoints and Smart Switches when he noticed the 3 newly installed can lights in his bedroom wouldn't go completely dark when they were turned off. On the lowest NuBryte dimming level they're were round 20% brightness. "Off" they were still on, but significantly lower, probably 5%, brightness.

    Another customer installed a multi bulb light fixture in a bathroom controlled by a NuBryte Smart switch. The fixture was fitted with three integrated LED spot lights. When the fixture was turned on, the bulbs would strobe, turn on and off, separately and independently of each other.

    What happened?

    Strobing, flicker, dimming, and color shift are some of the outstanding performance issues seen in LED lighting fixtures. The unit in the first case was the Lithonia 65BEMW LED P Series. This particular unit is used as a new / upgrade light fixture in commercial applications with multiple lights on a single dimmer Quoting the specs: "Through patent pending driver technology inrush is eliminated and over 50 modules can connect to a single 600W dimmer" the spec sheet also states: "Must have minimum of qty 6 LED modules on a circuit to function with the approved dimmers".

    The problem was solved by obtaining a load module that simulated the minimum current draw for the light fixture from the manufacturer. 



    In the second case the fixture was not compatible with the Smart Switch dimmer. The fixture was a "store" brand from a big box home improvement store and contained this warning: For use most commercial CCR type dimmers only. This unit provides continuous dimming capability to 10% with 120V CCR  dimmers. Nubrytes use a modified TRIAC type dimmer.

    You can avoid  the aggravation by taking a moment to read the specification sheet. Manufacturers will often list the approved dimmer models by name for there product either on the packaging or on the support website. Others will list a general dimmer speciation. Strobing

    An example is from a common consumer unit, the Halo RL560W :

    Designed for continuous dimming capability to nominally 10% with many 120V Leading Edge (LE) and Trailing Edge (TE) Phase Control dimmers. (Dimmers with low end trim adjustment offer greater assurance of achieving 10% level.) Consult dimmer manufacturer for compatibility and conditions of use.

    NuBrytes comply with that standard and support mutable loads up to 300 watts peak, per device

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