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    1. Introduction
    This driver has been designed to provide two-way control of NuBryte Touchpoint and Smart Switch devices, via TCP/IP. The following features are supported:
    • Device discovery
    • Device selection
    • Light Dimming
    • Light On/Off
    This driver has been written and tested using the following NuBryte device types:
    • NuBryte Touchpoint NuBryte Link
    • NuBryte Smart Switch

    2. NuBryte Configuration
    It is recommended that the NuBryte system be installed, configured and tested by a suitably qualified engineer, according to NuBryte documentation, prior to integration with this driver. No specific configuration steps are required to integrate with this driver, other than to ensure the system is on the same subnet as the Control4 processor.
    The installer should note that the end user will require access to NuBryte application (running on iOS or Android devices) in order to correctly configure the system.

    3. Driver Installation
    Two driver files are included in the release package.
    Driver File Name Description

    • comms_ip_NuBryte.c4z This is the network driver and it handles discovery of devices. Only one instance is required.
    • dimmer_ip_NuBryte.c4z This driver is used for control of NuBryte dimmer devices. One instance is required for each device.
    • switch_ip_NuBryte.c4z This driver is used for control of NuBryte switch devices. One instance is required for each device.

    Copy the above files from the zip package to your Control4 driver location (by default this is Documents\Control4\Drivers). Open Composer and choose the Search tab from the Items pane.

    Add one instance of the driver entitled “NuBryte Network (32 Products)” into your project. Next, add an instance of the Dimmer driver (entitled “NuBryte Dimmer”) to your project for each Touchpoint or Smart Switch you wish to control.

    NOTE: It is important that the network driver is added prior to the dimmer drivers.

    4. Network Driver Configuration
    The network driver is used for discovery of the NuBryte devices on the network; no additional configuration is necessary. Prior to performing a discovery, ensure all of the NuBryte devices are correctly installed and powered on, and the system is functioning correctly.
    In the System Design view, select the NuBryte Network device. In the Properties tab ensure that you have entered the e-mail address used for your NuBryte account (this will be the same as used for logging into the NuBryte iOS/Android app) and clicked set.

    Then choose the Actions tab from Advanced Properties. Three buttons are displayed:

    Initiate a discovery by clicking on Start Discovery, and then select the Lua tab to see the results of the discovery:

    In the above example, seven devices have been discovered on the network. After all devices are discovered, switch back to the Actions tab, and press the Stop Discovery button. At any time, you may use the List Devices Found button under the Actions tab to list all devices currently discovered by the network driver.

    5. Device Driver Configuration
    The device driver is used for control of the NuBryte devices, as well as for the receipt of status updates. One instance of the driver is required for each NuBryte device to be controlled.
    The following properties are available in the System Design view, most of which are not user editable.

    • Setting Description
    • Driver Version
    • Status
    • Select
    • Name
    • Channel
    • IP Address
    • Device ID
    • Account
    • Debug Mode
    • Debug Subsystems
    • Debug Level the release version of the driver
    • The current connection status (e.g. “Created”)
    • Drop-down to assign a device to this driver (see below)
    • The name of the NuBryte device, as configured in the NuBryte App The identifier for the particular dimmer
    • The IP address of the NuBryte device on the network
    • The unique identifier of the NuBryte device
    • The e-mail address used for your NuBryte account

    6. Assigning Devices to Device Drivers
    It is necessary to ensure that each device driver in your project is controlling the correct NuBryte device. The Name field reports the device name as configured in the NuBryte system; you must ensure this name is correct for each instance of the device driver in your project. To select a different device, pull down the Select drop-down menu and choose the correct device (listed by Name and Device ID). The Name, Channel, IP Address and Device ID will update to reflect the choice. If the device you are looking for is not listed, repeat the discovery process given above.

    7. Driver Operation
    To control a NuBryte dimmer using a Navigator, select a room to control and choose the Lighting option. The NuBryte dimmer should be displayed as an available light switch.

    8. Troubleshooting
    Discovery isn't working
    This is likely due to missing bindings between the network driver and the device drivers, which can occasionally happen if the project gets corrupted for some reason. To check this, open Composer and display the Connections view, selecting the Control/AV tab. Choose the NuBryte Network driver and scroll down to the Control Outputs:

    The control bindings should be established (as highlighted in the above image). If they are not, drag the “NUBRYTECOMMS” control output onto each of the players in turn.

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