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    Nubryte URC Driver for Touchpoint and Smart Switch

    1. Introduction
    This driver has been designed to provide two-way control of NuBryte Touchpoint and Smart Switch devices, via TCP/IP. The following features are supported:
    • Device selection
    • Light Dimming
    • Light On/Off
    This driver has been written and tested using the following NuBryte device types:
    • NuBryte Touchpoint
    • NuBryte Link
    • NuBryte Smart Switch

    2. NuBryte Configuration
    CAUTION: This supplement to the NuBryte Touchpoint and App User Guide provides
    It is recommended that the NuBryte system be installed, configured and tested by a suitably qualified engineer, according to NuBryte documentation, prior to integration with this driver. No specific configuration steps are required to integrate with this driver, other than to ensure the system is on the same subnet as the URC processor.
    The installer should note that the end user will require access to NuBryte application (running on iOS or Android devices) in order to correctly configure the system.

    3. Driver Installation
    A single driver file is included in the release package:
    Driver File Name Description
    This file contains driver and user interface files to control touchpoint and smart switch devices.
    The current version included is nubryte- .

    WARNING: Switch B on the Touchpoint + Fan is used for fan control only, and cannot be part of a Multiway group

    3.1 Adding to Accelerator
    Open your existing CCP System file in URC Accelerator and then import the nubryte-[VERSION_ NUMBER].tcm file:

    • Choose File -> Import TCM File
    • In the Total Control Module Library Import window, locate the nubryte-[VERSION_NUMBER]. tcm file and click Open.
    • From the Import Total Control Module window that appears, choose Import.
    Once the driver has been imported, close URC Accelerator and then reopen it to ensure that the driver has been picked up properly by the driver database.

    4. Adding the Driver
    An instance of the driver must be added for each Touchpoint or Smart Switch device that you wish to include in your system.
    To add an instance of the driver to a room:

    • Choose Program -> 4. Add Other Devices.
    • Ensure Select Database is set to My.
    • Ensure that Select Module Type is set to IP Database.
    • Set Select Category to LIGHT.
    • Choose Nubryte from the Select Brand list.
    • From the Select Model choose either TOUCHPOINT or SMARTSWITCH (depending on the device you wish to control).
    ○ An instance of the driver is only require for each physical Touchpoint in the system. For instance, if it is a 2-gang Touchpoint you would still need only one instance of the driver.
    • Click Add Selected Modules to add the device to the room.

    Repeat the above steps to add an additional instance of the driver for each of your Nubryte devices.

    5. Configuring the Driver
    Each instance of the driver must be configured to properly support your Nubryte devices.
    5.1 IP Address
    The IP address for each device must be provided:
    (please note: The IP address provided for each Smart Switch should be the IP address of the Link device that the switches connect to i.e. every smart switch will have the same IP address. Touchpoint devices have their own IP addresses).

    • Choose Program -> 6. Network Setup.
    • Select Non URC Device tab.
    • For each instance of the driver, provide the correct IP address in the table.
    ○ Note that the port should be set automatically but for reference the correct port is 30001
    • Once each instance has an IP address and port, you can use the provided Ping button to test that the device is responding

    5.2 User Interface
    Ensure that the user interface for each instance of the driver is updated to the latest version by configuring Program -> 10. Edit User Interfaces appropriately for your system.

    5.3 3rd Party 2-Way Settings
    In order for the URC system to correctly detect each light you must provide settings so that it can connect to your Nubryte account.
    For each light you will need to provide its DEVICEID and also the ACCOUNT e-mail address that you use to log into the Nubryte service.
    You can find the DEVICEID for each light by going to Settings in the iOS/Android application and selecting Device Information . The DEVICEID is listed for each device under SN .

    Once you have the DEVICEID you can then enter the information for each Touchpoint and Smart Switch by going to Program -> 11. 3rd Party 2-Way Settings and selecting Two Way Module Settings.
    5.4 Touchpoint Settings
    For each Touchpoint you
    must add its DEVICEID and the ACCOUNT e-mail to the System Parameter window in the following format:
    DEVICEID=N00001110161601 For example:

    5.5 Smart Switch Settings
    For each Smart Switch you must add its DEVICEID and the ACCOUNT e-mail to the System Parameter window in the following format:
    Additionally, you must also add its DEVICEID to the Module parameter window in the following format:
    For example:

    6. Macros
    Ensure that system macros are generated for each instance of the driver by configuring Program -> 12. Macro Editing appropriately for your system.
    7. Downloading the Driver
    Once you have configured the driver using the steps provided above you can now download the revised system configuration to your URC base station.
    8. User Interfaces
    The driver package includes pre-designed interfaces for the following devices:
    • TRC–820
    • TRC–1080
    • TKP–7500
    • TKP–5500
    • Apple iPhone
    • Apple iPad
    • Android Phone
    • Android Tablet


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