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    How to Do a "Full Reboot" of NuBryte Devices


    We recommend a "Full Reboot" prior to calling / chat with NuBryte Support for connectivity and function issues. Here's how!

    1. Unplug the Link then remove the power at the breaker box for each smart switch location by tripping the breaker  leaving the device(s) unpowered
    2. Shut off your smart phone.
    3. Reboot your internet gateway router/WiFi access point by removing power for at least 30 second. 
    4. Reapply the power and allow the device to complete its boot sequence and synchronize with the ISP ( usually indicated by solid green LEDs).
    5. Plug in the link. Allow the Link to reconnect to the internet by displaying solid green indicators on its face. It could take several minutes to synchronize and display sold green lights.
    6. Reapply power to the Smart Switches.
    7. Turn on the smart phone . Once it completes its boot sequence open the NuBryte app.
    8. Wait 3-5 minutes for the app to synchronize with the cloud service.
    9. Observe the link lights on each Smart Switch. 
    10. If flashing red  verify the corresponding device is listed in the MyDevice section of the NuBryte App. 
    11. Re-add any device not listed on the NuBryte app.
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