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    NuBryte Smart Switch (Formerly "Flex")


    Quick facts about the NuBryte Smart Switch Series 

    • Initial release planned for early 2017 and additional variants will be added through Spring 2017.  
    • Can accommodate 1-4 gang light switches.
    • Controls lights or ceiling fans.
    • Non-touchscreen.
    • On/off/dimming light control at the switch and remotely.
    • Smart lighting modes can be used with via the NuBryte App
    • Motion detection. 
    • Temperature/humidity sensors. 

    More details on each variant will be provided as we near release. 


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      Carlos Blanco

      Mark, why all your articles are so weak ?
      Why you can't explain how they connect, how it benefits, etc.

      Jezz, seem that Nubryte has the days counted, a mediocre device with no support and dumb news.