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    What counts as a lighting fixture?


    For our purposes a lighting (light) fixture is whatever lights you can control with the flip of a single light switch. 

    The number of bulbs, lights or the distance apart does not determine whether it's a lighting fixture. Light fixtures can be anywhere from 1 light to 8 or more. The following are all examples of lighting fixtures as long as they are controlled by flipping a single switch. 

    A ceiling mounted light in your hall that has 2 bulbs 

    6 recessed lights in your living room ceiling 

    A chandelier in the dining room with 8 bulbs 

    A 5 light strip of track lighting in the kitchen

    2 lights on the outside of the garage and one by the front door

    Note: If your lighting fixture has a lot of bulbs be sure you're not going over the maximum wattage recommended for use with the NuBryte.

    If you are over the maximum wattage just switch out your bulbs for LEDs or lower watt models.




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