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    What mobile platforms are supported by the NuBryte Touchpoint?


    Currently the NuBryte Touchpoint supports iOS mobile version 7.0 and newer and Android. 

    NuBryte iOS App
    NuBryte Android App

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      Jacob Amey

      Was curious on status for the Android device. I am currently unable to find it in the app store?

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      Katharine Mckarnin

      Hi Jacob! The Android app is now up in the Google Play Store: 

    • Avatar
      Lelan Stice

      Can you use the intercom system via the iOS app?

    • Avatar
      Katharine Mckarnin

      Hi Lelan - at this time our intercom is between NuBryte consoles only. NuBryte app to console intercom is a highly requested feature that our development team is taking a look at right now. We will provide more details as soon as we add it to our roadmap.