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    How many NuBryte units can I connect to my home WiFi network?


    The number of NuBrytes is only limited by the coverage of the WiFi signal and the number of IP addresses available on the home network. That being said the optimal number of units depends on the capability of your Wi-Fi router. 

    Consumer grade routers and access points will only support a limited number of concurrent connections. Most devices have a preset range of available addresses by default  and only allow a specific number to be active at the same time. This number can range from ten to fifty addresses . The number can be increased, as well as the address range, in the device admin interface.

    Keep in mind simply increasing the number of active connections allowed will not correct bandwidth issues. The connections are assumed to be average users, light to moderate browsing, email and messaging. “Power” users on VPNs ( work at home), video gamers, and video streaming will reduce usable bandwidth significantly. Increasing or verifying the number of allowed connections requires access to the router admin interface.


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