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    How secure is the NuBryte?


    NuBryte products utilize generally-accepted industry standards for security measures to protect the storage and transmission of your data between NuBryte products, services and networks, using encryption techniques such as SSL and TLS data encryption.  

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      Jacob Amey

      Is SSL Still a standard used by you or have you moved over to just TSL by now? (Preferably 1.2). What type of Cipher Suites do you support/use and how often is this reviewed/modified. For example say for giggles that tls-ecdhe-rsa with aes-256-gcm-sha384 became vulnerable. How long (Generally) Would it take to update the devices firmware to no longer support the vulnerable cipher(s)?

      I guess same question for any Security vulnerability as well. How often and fast can we expect patches?

      is the Encryption at the device to device level so (Multiple switches with in my home LAN) or is it also at the LAN to WAN level (My switch to your cloud).