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    What happens if my internet goes down or there's a power outage?


    If you have no wireless connection (your home Wi-Fi router and the internet connection from your ISP are not working). 

    • You can still use the NuBryte as a switch to turn your lights on/off and use the dimmer feature.
    • You can activate security and have it sound an alarm and flash the lights if it detects motion. 
    • You can check the time and set the timer.

    If you lose your internet connection but your home Wi-Fi network is still working. You will lose cloud and cellular features but keep local network features.   

    • NuBryte devices in your home can control each other via Wi-Fi.
    • You can use our app to control the NuBryte with a smartphone connected to your Wi-Fi network.
    • You will not be able to control the NuBryte with a smartphone via a cellular connection.
    • Security alerts will not be sent to your phone.  
    • The weather/outdoor temperature on your NuBryte Touchpoint won't update. 

    In case of a power outage you can turn the switch on/off manually by gently pulling the LCD display unit on the Touchpoint straight off the base unit and using the manual switch on the base unit.

    NOTE: TouchPoints and Smart Switches retain their configurations for up to ninety days, usually longer, with no power. 



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