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    Maximum wattage and light bulb requirements


    Single gang NuBryte Touchpoint can control one light fixture.
    Double gang NuBryte Touchpoint can control two light fixtures independently.

    Supported light bulb types and wattages are:  

    • Dimmable LED (≤150W per light fixture)
    • Dimmable CFL (≤150W per light fixture)
    • Incandescent (≤300W per light fixture)
    • Halogen (≤300W per light fixture)


    • DO NOT exceed the max power ratings shown in brackets above for each light fixture connected to your NuBryte Touchpoint.  The Touchpoint can also control power to multiple light fixtures, as long as the combined max power controlled by each individual switch (1 for 1 switch models, 2 for 2 switch models) is less than the ratings shown in brackets above.


    • It is not advisable to mix different types, or even brands, of light bulbs in the same light fixture. This may affect dimming consistency and performance.


    • Dimmable CFL and dimmable LED bulbs can be used with the Touchpoint in dimming or non-dimming mode. Non-dimmable CFL and non-dimmable LED bulb are not supported in either dimming or non-dimming mode.   
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