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    NuBryte Touchpoint Installation Requirements


    Installation Requirements

    • 120V/60Hz Power
    • Existing single switch (1 gang) OR double switch (2 gang)


    • Neutral wire in switch box
    • Copper wiring in your home (consult a licensed electrician if you have aluminum wires)
    • Light controlled by one switch location, i.e. single pole switch.                     
      The NuBryte Touchpoint is not compatible with 3-way or multi-way switches.
    • Permanently installed lighting fixtures.                                                        
      Do not use the NuBryte Touchpoint to control outlets or motor driven appliances, e.g. ceiling fans.

    Additional Information:

    • Supported bulb types: Incandescent, Halogen, dimmable CFL, and dimmable LED. Dimmer features can be used with all these bulb types.
    • NuBryte Touchpoint display unit dimensions - width x height X depth: 5.25” x 4.75” x 5/8” (Depth measured from finished wall surface to the front of the display unit)
    • Maximum light fixture wattage:
      • Dimmable LED (≤150W per light fixture)
      • Dimmable CFL (≤150W per light fixture)
      • Incandescent (≤300W per light fixture)
      • Halogen (≤300W per light fixture)

    These ratings are per light fixture/gang so a Single Switch (1 gang) NuBryte Touchpoint will support one light fixture and a Double Switch (2 gang) NuBryte Touchpoint will support two.


    Please contact NuBryte support with any questions about these requirements.

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