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    Setting up the Google Home Integration



    1. Download the Google Home app on iOS or Android and setup your Google Home device by connecting it to the same wifi network as your Google Home device
    2. From the "Devices" menu (from top left), click "(+) Add New Device" and follow Google's instructions to set up your Google Home device
    3. From the "Home Control" menu (from top left), click the + button at the bottom right.
    4. Tap the name of the provider you want to connect (nubryte), then follow the steps.  
    5. You will be asked to enter your NuBryte login information.  
    6. After linking, your devices will be discovered automatically and appear in the device list
    7. You can optionally organize your devices into rooms
    8. You can now interact with your lights through voice commands right away, and can address them by light names or room names.


    • Say "Ok Google" to ... 
    1. Turn on the <light name> 
    2. Turn off the <light name> 
    3. Dim the <light name> 
    4. Brighten the <light name> 
    5. Dim the <light name> 20% 
    6. Brighten the <light name> 20% 
    7. Set the <light name> to 50% 
    8. Is the <light name> on? 
    9. Is the <light name> off? 
    10. Turn on the lights 
    11. Turn on all the lights 
    12. Turn on the lights in the <room name> 
    13. Turn on the <room name> lights 
    14. Turn on the <device nick name> 


    • The Google Assistant recognizes the room and light names setup when installing each NuBryte light switch and so you must use those names when interacting with Google Home if you want control of specific lights.  
    • You can set a Nickname in the Google Home app and use that to control specific devices instead. Nicknames are alternate ways to reference devices in the Google Home app. Nicknames you've assigned NuBryte devices in the Google Home app are not reflected in the NuBryte app.  
    • The Google Assistant also runs on the Google Pixel phone and can be used in place of a Google Homedevice.   
    • The Google Home app supports grouping, allowing you to create groups of nubryte lights and control them simultaneously by speaking the group name as part of the action/ phrase.  
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      Andrés Restrepo

      As same as the google calendar, I can’t add this device to my google home system.

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