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    If I install NuBryte Smart Switches in a multi-unit building will tenants be able to control other apartment's switches?

    As long as each unit has its own password protected WiFi network to connect the NuBryte products to you will not encounter any trouble with users connecting to each other's switches by accident. 

    The NuBryte Link and Touchpoint talk to the NuBryte cloud using Wi-Fi, which includes a SSID and password specific to an individual end user and chosen during the setup.       
    Smart Switches are logically paired to the Link, and the user's NuBryte account, by scanning a barcode on each Smart Switch using the NuBryte application on a smartphone. The barcode contains uniquely identifying information so that the Smart Switch in an individual customer's residence will only talk to the Link product and/or customer's NuBryte account to which it was paired.  So the NuBryte Touchpoint, Link and Smart Switch products are an excellent choice for dense residential applications. 
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