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    Firmware and App Update - 03/24/2017


    NuBryte Firmware, iOS and App Update - Version 170324


    • Google Calendar Alert Feature – Login to the NuBryte App, go to settings and connect the NuBryte mobile app to your Google account (select house icon on the orange lighting screen>scroll down and tap the grey settings tab). This will allow events that you've set alerts for on your Google Calendar to sound an audible alert via your NuBryte Touchpoint. 



    • Lighting control after a Security Event – If the lights were off before a security event happens and motion detected turns them on, Nubryte Touchpoint will turn them off again 5 minutes after the event has ended. 
    • Motion Mode Sensitivity – We’ve increased the sensitivity of the motion sensor for Motion mode. This will improve the experience and range of motion detection to avoid lights being mistakenly turned off.
    • Smart Lighting Control on Touchpoint – Use the Touchpoint to set Smart Lighting modes for lights connected to the Touchpoint panel, reducing your dependence on the mobile app.
    • Re-designed the button on the Touchpoint Panel for “Other Lights” in Lighting mode.



    • Re-designed Intercom mode – Tap and hold one of the large room icons for 2 seconds, release and talk for up to 60 seconds, then tap again to send your voice message.
    • Intercom to all rooms – Now talk to all rooms at once with the new Send All feature in Intercom mode.
    • Intercom Color – To cap off our Intercom improvements, the mode now comes in a beautiful, bold green! 



    • Room List in Climate Mode – See a breakdown of temperature and humidity room by room in the Climate mode. 



    • Account registration reminder – If you’ve installed your NuBryte Touchpoint but have yet to pair it with the NuBryte mobile app you’ll be shown a reminder on-screen prompting you to do so.  



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