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    Changing the screen saver photo


    If you'd like to change the photo that appears on your NuBryte Touchpoint LCD panel please follow these steps: 

    1) Open the Nubryte app on your smartphone

    2) Tap the home icon in the lower right corner, then scroll down and select the grey settings tab

    3) Under NuBryte Switch Settings select Upload Photo. 

    4) Select Choose Image and pick an existing image from your phone or take a new picture. 

    5) Once you've selected an image you will see it displayed above the Choose Image button. 

    6) Select All Rooms or the specific room or rooms where you want the image displayed by tapping the room circles below the image (a white border will appear around the circle) and tap the check mark in the lower right hadn't corner of the screen to save your changes. You will see an orange check mark appear on the middle of the screen when the image is saved successfully. 


    In the below example an image of the sky was selected, then the attic room was chosen and the check mark was clicked. 



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      Mark R Frederick

      It helps is you store your photo on the phone memory vice the SD card. Also be aware of the settings on your phone, the app will check the default location only.

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