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    What are the Components of the NuBryte system?


    The TouchPoint

    The NuBryte TouchPoint instantly transforms any room into a smart room, giving you the top smart home features right at the light switch!


    The NuBryte Touchpoint

    The NuBryte Link 

    NuBryte's Link connects the Wi-Fi-based Touchpoint to Zigbee-based Smart Switches. Just plug it into any outlet!


     The Nubryte Link

    Smart Switch

    Smart Switches allow you to easily and affordably expand your NuBryte home network and smart home features room by room.


    TheNuBryte Smart Switch

    The NuBryte App

    Total Home Control from Anywhere 

    Whether you're on the couch or under the Eiffel Tower, have complete control over your smart lighting, home security and more, all in the palm of your hand.


    The NuBryte App 







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