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    Talking To Alexa


     Now that you’re all paired up, you’re ready to start talking to Alexa!

    Simply speak the name of the lights that you’ve set-up in your NuBryte Touchpoint. (Hint – you can update the name of your NuBryte connected rooms in the Settings on your NuBryte Touchpoint, or in the Device list in the NuBryte App. 


    Give your NuBryte rooms/lights names that will be natural and easy for the whole family to speak. For example, “Kitchen Island”, “Breakfast Nook”, or “Bedroom”. It is recommended that you not use "the", "a" or "my" in the assigned names as these could confuse Alexa.

    For multi-channel NuBryte devices, the Alexa-discovered device names will be a combination of the Touchpoint device name with the individual lighting fixture name.

    For example, if a Touchpoint named "Bedroom" has two channels named "Ceiling" and "Lamp", then the devices listed in the Alexa App would be "Bedroom Ceiling" and "Bedroom Lamp".

    Tip: Create an Alexa Group, like “Downstairs” or “Kids’ Bedrooms”, and assign NuBryte lights to your groups so that you can easily control groups of rooms all at the same time!

    What’s Next?

    We’re excited about our partnership with Amazon, and are exploring additional Alexa capabilities that we’ll be sharing with you soon. Tell us what you’d love to see!

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    More key integrations will also be announced in the coming months. The best is yet to come!

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