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    Recognizing Alexa / NuBryte Service Interruptions



     I control Alexa using the command "Alexa, turn On/Off the House Lights"  with the name "House" being a lighting group created in the Alexa app that contains the three NuBrytes in my home. It normally takes about 3 seconds in total ...when the lights turn off it responds with chipper OK.


    One evening  I commanded "Alexa , Turn Off the House Lights" Alexa's blue ring lit, rotated once and went off with no action on the lights.

    I tried about 3 times**, finally Alexa informed me that " The name House is no longer available on the network"  

    After I checked my Internet connectivity and the Alexa app, I determined the cause was that the cloud service that coordinates the Alexa app with the NuBrytes was not being resolved by DNS.

    The same behavior should occur during a localized ISP outage , router failure or any network issue that will prevent Alexa from resolving the service and verifying the device names.

    **NOTE You should allow Alexa  about 15-30 seconds before repeating a lighting command. The reason is that Internet conditions can delay the query to and response from the cloud service that supports the NuBryte skill. Once Alexa determines that the resource is off line it will tell you what the error is, in this case The name House is no longer available on the network" 

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      Joey Fortuna

      This happens to me as well. Almost everyday.