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    How To Integrate Amazon Alexa with Your NuBryte TouchPoint


    Now you can use Amazon Alexa to control NuBryte smart lighting with your voice! Dim, brighten, or turn on/off lights controlled by a single switch, or a custom grouping of lights.

    Here's how!

    The illustrations in this article  are from the Alexa web application. The phone app pages reflect the web page content. 
    First, set up Alexa using the Amazon documentation provided with the device. You can configure Alexa from the Android/iOS app or a web page linked to your Amazon account:
    ( Figure 1. Alexa Settings Page)
    To integrate your NuBryte you must add the NuBryte skill. The skill page is  created during Alexa set up (Fig 2)
    ( Figure 2 Installing the NuBryte Skill ) 
    Once the NuBryte skill is installed, Alexa discovers the NuBrytes in your home and lists them as illustrated In Figure 3. New devices or changes to installed device names are detected by rescanning using the "Discover Devices" command.  You will be required to authorize the Alexa skill to access the TouchPoints with you NuBryte family account.
    ( Fig 3 Scanning for Nubryte devices )


    If you have a Fire Stick, and other Alexa enabled Amazon devices, Alexa detects them when it is first connected to the network and can be viewed in the settings menu shown in Figure 1.


    Additional devices and functions to be controlled by the TouchPoint and Alexa will be added with future firmware revisions. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates!  

    By the way...Alexa and the  NuBryte is "massively" cool. My granddaughter gives it two thumbs up.!


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