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    Weather & Indoor Temperature


    NuBryte Touchpoint console provides access to daily and weekly weather forecasts and reports to monitor indoor.

    The Climate Mode details your home’s indoor temperature and humidity conditions, as well as the weather forecast for your location. a

    • The first screen shows the indoor temperature and humidity for the area of the home in which NuBryte Touchpoint is installed, as well as the outdoor temperature.
    • Swipe LEFT to see the current outdoor weather conditions, as well as today’s high and low temperatures and Environmental conditions of room NuBryte is installed plus Current weather conditions for location
    • Swipe LEFT again to see the hourly weather forecast for the coming 24 hours.
    • Swipe LEFT to see the 5-day weather forecast in your area.
    • Scroll down list to see hour-by-hour forecast and Five day high and low forecast for location and outdoor temperature and humidity


    The weather forecast is determined by your geographical location according to your IP address. A third party provides this web-based service. You will be notified of any scheduled maintenance of the service that affects the performance of this feature by email or through the NuBryte Touchpoint and/ or mobile App.


    App Climate \Weather Funtions

    The Climate mode on the NuBryte App details your home’s indoor conditions.Every NuBryte Touchpoint contains a temperature and humidity sensor. Swipe LEFT and RIGHT to move between each NuBryte in your home to see the room’s temperature and humidity compared to your location’s outdoor temperature.

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