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    NuBryte TouchPoint Sensors


    Proximity Sensor

    The TouchPoint uses proximity IR/visible light sensor chip to wake up the TouchPoint when it detects the user is in close proximity to the unit. It currently uses IR. In the future the visible light capability will be used for additional features. The sensor may be disabled using the TouchPoint advanced interface.

    It should only be disabled if the Touchpoint is in a high traffic area or the user has  ambient light concerns in areas like children's bedrooms, etc.

    Security Motion Sensor

    A Gunn diode emits very low energy beams in the microwave range. Any disruption caused by movement within the field of detection may activate the alarm system.

    NOTE: NuBryte sensors do not adversely affect pacemakers.

    The special properties of microwave beams allow them to penetrate most types of surfaces, except metal. The sensor will not detect motion where  large metal objects in the area of detection shield an area behind them. For that reason sensor placement is critical to minimize “dead” zones (areas where the sensor cannot detect motion).




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