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    Using Nubryte Security


    1. Activate Security Mode by pressing the button to the left side of the screen. If you are entering the mode for the first time, you will be prompted to set a 4 digit PIN, and then to confirm the PIN to ensure accuracy. Use a PIN that is easy to remember but not obvious to an intruder, and write it down in case you forget it! You will have to use the RESET DEVICE function to reset the code.
    2. You will also be asked to choose the countdown interval in seconds before the security mode is armed. Choose between 30, 60 and 90 second durations.
    3. Once the code and countdown duration has been set, press the security mode button again to activate security. You will then have 30/ 60/ 90 seconds (depending on the duration you chose) to exit the monitored area before the motion sensor is activated and the system is armed.


    Default countdown duration is 60 seconds

    How it works

    1. When NuBryte detects motion, an initial motion alert will sound, directing the user to the console. Tap the screen to awaken it and enter the designated 4-digit code. You will have 40 seconds to enter the code before the second stage starts.
    2. Alarm Triggered – Loud Alarm
    3. Enter Pin Code to disable alarm If the 4-digit code is not entered within 40 seconds, a loud siren will sound and connected lights will flash to warn off intruders. The code can still be entered to disarm the alarm during the second stage “Alarm Triggered” alarm. The alarm will continue to sound until disarmed by the user, via either the NuBryte Touchpoint or the mobile App.
    4. If the alarm reaches the Alarm Triggered stage, everyone logged in to the NuBryte account will receive a notification on their smartphone that motion was detected and will be invited to view a video clip for the event.
    5. If more than one NuBryte Touchpoint is installed in your home the first to be triggered by motion will start recording video, sound the loud siren and flash the connected lights. Meanwhile, all other NuBryte Touchpoints will also flash connected lighting and be on alert to detect motion and record video as a potential intruder passes by. If motion is detected it too will begin recording a 90 second video clip.

    NuBryte Touchpoint features a built-in wide-angle camera that will begin recording a video clips as soon as the first alarm sounds, for a total duration of 90 seconds. Videos can be downloaded to your phone via the NuBryte App Security Mode for viewing, free of charge (data usage charged by your cellular provider may apply if not connected to a WiFi network).

    The built-in camera on NuBryte Touchpoint includes a Manual Privacy Shutter, located on the top of the console. To operate the manual shutter, slide the shutter to the LEFT (open) or RIGHT (closed). IMPORTANT: Security video footage will not be captured by the Manual Privacy Shutter when it is closed.

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