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    NuBryte offers its users a number of Advanced Lighting modes that, when activated, automatically control your lighting based on your movement and preferences. Here are some details on the first modes available to NuBryte users:The lighting modes are controlled from the Smartphone application. Go to Lighting Mode and select the bottom left icon in the taskbar to enter Smart Lighting.



    1. Vacation Mode –Set a start and end date for your vacation and NuBryte will turn your lights on between the set start and end times while you are away. Use the Random feature to randomly turn the lights on and off when the mode is in effect.
    2. Morning Wake Up Mode –Set your usual wakeup time through the mobile App and NuBryte will brighten the lights from 0-100% over the five minutes preceding your set wakeup time to mimic a natural, wakeup with the sunrise.
    3. Bedtime Mode –Set the time when you normally go to bed and NuBryte will gently dim thelights from their current level to 0% during the thirty minutes before the set time – helping you to relax before bed.
    4. Night Light Mode –If a large movement is detected – such as getting out of bed – during your set start times and end time times, NuBryte will gently brighten the lights to 30%. This will help find your way around the home at night without impairing your night vision.

    Motion Mode – Motion Mode senses your motion through NuBryte, turning off lights in empty rooms and illuminating rooms as you enter them. You can set the start and end time for the mode so lights only turn on automatically when you need them to. You can also set the duration the lights stay on after sensing

    Setting Advanced Lighting Modes

    1. Advanced Lighting control and settings are accessed from the NuBryte Mobile App.
    2. Go to Lighting Mode and select the bottom left icon in the taskbar to enter Lighting Modes. A list of modes is available to choose from.
    3. Select one to see a description of what it does and follow the instructions to personalize its functions.
    4. Finally, choose the NuBryte Touchpoint you want the advanced lighting settings to be applied to and press Set A message indicating the mode is set successfully will be displayed and the glowing room icon will indicate that smart lighting has been set to ON for this console.
    5. To turn OFF the advanced lighting mode, enter the mode from the list and select the NuBryte Touchpoint you want to turn OFF before pressing the Offbutton. A message indicating the mode has been deactivated successfully will be displayed.

    Once advanced lighting modes are set, the NuBryte App will communicate the settings to NuBryte and will adjust the lighting according to the mode(s) selected.

    Note:The smartphone must be connected to the Internet in order to successfully set an advanced lighting mode. Your NuBryte must also have an Internet connection and be connected to the NuBryte server. You will be shown an error message on the NuBryte App asking you to check your network connection if either or both devices are not connected to the internet when attempting to use it to control NuBryte motion, before NuBryte turns them off.
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