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    Android App Released 6/12/2016


    Android App Released 6/12/2016

    The release notes for Android is a simple one line description by design:

    The largest negative customer impact would be covered in ”Changes and enhancement were made to the security related motion sensor, stage 1 and stage 2 alarms, and video download process” for firmware 160608.

    Customers who currently have security videos available on the Lucis cloud on generated from the iPhone will no longer be able to downloads that they made with current/older firmware after we upgrade them to the 160608 firmware. This is due to the video file storage location has changed, in part due to business decisions on the appropriate cloud based location to store these files.

    R&D is working to archive existing videos to that we could at least make these available per a customer request on a case by case basis. New security videos generate from iOS app 1.1.0 and firmware 160608 will not have this issue, and since the Android app is being released for the 1st time with the 160608 firmware, this issue will not affect Android users

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