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    It's time for some product updates! ( Effective 12/10/2016)

    When we began our smart home journey, our team set out to create technology that would seamlessly give you whole-home control. Through that journey there have been some bumps – but we’ve listened to your feedback, and we’ve been working continuously to improve your NuBryte experience.

    The NuBryte today is just the beginning, and we’re excited to see where the future takes us!

    We’re pleased to announce that these updates will automatically be made to NuBryte Touchpoint over the next few days:

    • Enhanced IntercomYou asked. You received! The newly enhanced intercom has even more functionality – Say hello to your kids upstairs with a 60 second Voice Message that can now be sent between two or more NuBryte Touchpoints. Simply press on the Record icon, record your message, and then tap once again to send the message.
    • Updated Security FeatureWe’ve worked through several bugs to reduce the rate of the false alarms in Security Mode. We’ve also enhanced our security video notifications – which are now easier to access in areas with weak WiFi networks.
    • Proximity SensorsDon’t want the NuBryte Touchpoint screen to automatically light up when you approach? You can now disable your Proximity Sensor: Home > Settings > Appearance.
      • *If you disable your sensor, you’ll need to tap the Touchpoint screen to wake it up.
    • Screen Appearance For our NuBryte fans who love the home screen and want it to stay lit up – good news! You can customize your screen to stay on – constantly. This can be set via Home > Settings > Appearance.
      • *Extra: In the Screen Saver settings you can turn off the screen saver, allowing your Touchpoint to stay on and display a custom image.
    • Muted Key Tone Sounds Don’t like the sounds of the key tones when you’re using the touchscreen? Now, you can slide the sound volume bar to the lowest value to enable muting. Key tone settings are found under Home > Settings > General.
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