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    Nubryte Settings


    NuBryte’s settings are split into various categories as outlined below:

    • System volume
    • Choose the room NuBryte is installed in
    • Name your NuBryte Touchpoint
    • Name the Lighting Fixture Wired to NuBryte
    • Set the average cost of your energy per kWh
    • Choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature units
    2. Network
    • Select the WiFi network to connect to
    • Enter the password for the selected WiFi network
    3. Lighting
    • Select between Halo, Dial, and Slider (default) lighting control types
    • Choose between dimmable and non-dimmable bulbs
    • Calibrate dimmable bulbs
    4. Security
    • Set a new 4-digit code used for Security Mode
    • Select the Countdown Duration for Security Mode
    Note: If you forget your 4 digit security code you will have to reset your device using the Reset Device function in Settings Information and run the setup wizard again before pressing the Security mode button and setting new code.
    5. Time
    • Set the date
    • Set the time
    • Choose between 12 hour and 24 hour clock types
    • Choose between digital and analog clock designs
    • Choose between digital and analog timer designs
    6. Appearance
    • Choose between Clock, Photo Album, Weather, and Random (all three options) for the screen saver
    • Setup Wizard
    • Start the Setup Wizard to reset key settings for NuBryte
    7. Information
    • Firmware version
    • MAC address
    • Model Number
    • Service Number
    • Tutorial
    • Tips
    • Reset Device
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