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This site is dedicated to the support of NuBryte Smart Home products. If you are a NuBryte customer, a NuBryte Pro, a member of the NuBryte staff or new to the NuBryte community we recommend creating a NuBryte support account: Sign up!

Please note that if you've communicated with NuBryte support through email previously, the email that you used was automatically registered. In that case you probably don't have a password, click here to: Get a password!

NuBryte is Returning to the U.S Retail Market in Spring of 2020

We will be selling NuBryte through retail outlets beginning in the spring of 2020. We will also be revising the websites and support site to reflect this change. Rest assured that Lucis Technologies remains a going concern, however, we have temporarily suspended North American sales and operations to concentrate on our domestic market and key overseas businesses to develop our "Touchpoint Gen II " products. Special order sales of Gen I Touchpoints direct from Lucis's California warehouse are supported. Submit a request from the link above. The new "Touchpoint Gen II " will add door lock , fan and thermostat controls using the integrated fan control, wireless remote and other features. It will include an improved smart switch and link and multi-gang support.

We will continue to answer request and support calls until further notice. Responses can take up to ten business days

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